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Nuk First Choice Bottle Pink Bird – 150ml Silicone Teat

Nuk First Choice Bottle Rose – 150ml Silicone Teat


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  • First Choice Bottle Silicone Pink Bird- 150ml
  • Suitable from 0-6 months
  • NUK FIRST CHOICE is a bottle and teat system that combines all the orthodontic advantages of the NUK Teat with a feeling associated with a mother’s breast
  • This bottle comes with silicone teat, Age Group 1, Medium for milk
  • NUK FIRST CHOICE bottles are not only specially designed for the needs of babies and mothers alike, but they have also been tested by them
  • Lightweight and highly resistant
  • Orthodontic NUK shape with extra-wide lip support and the NUK AIR SYSTEM – for natural way of feeding
  • Extra wide bottle neck – for easier cleaning and filling. Easy grip screw ring – easy to open and close. Ergonomic bottle shape – for a comfortable and secure grip
  • Snap-on-closure-system, the protective cap clicks audibly onto the screw ring to signal that the teat is hygienically protected 
  • Sealing disc included to ensure the bottle is leakage-free whilst shaking or transporting
  • Clear volume indicator with fade resistant printing
  • Decorated with colorful, child-friendly designs
  • NUK FIRST CHOICE bottles are designed to be fitted with NUK FIRST CHOICE teats only



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